Who we are

Who we are

“Generating value for assets”

Our History


TRIDENT AM’s History


Until June 2018 VERTIX has promoted and delivered 18,500 homes.
Areas of action: Catalonia, Madrid, Balearic Islands, Valencia and Andalusia.

VERTIX started to provide asset management for third parties.

It signed its first Management Contracts with financial institutions.

These contracts include Urban Management, Project Management and Commercialisation.

TRIDENT AM is created

The company’s purpose is to provide Real Estate Asset Management for third parties. It stands out in the market for how it contributes to generating value for the assets managed.

2017 TRIDENT AM reaches a figure of 900 million euros of assets managed.

Financial institutions and their Servicers are consolidated as clients.

Investment Funds are added to the portfolio of clients.




A human team formed by professionals with extensive experience in the sector and fully committed to the company’s goal, which is to bring value to clients’ real estate assets.

This team is made up of professionals with proven experience in the following areas:

Urban Planning and Management

Building Control and Architecture

Commercial Management and Marketing

Real Estate Law and Administration

They lead the Trident AM team


With 29 years of experience, he has developed his career in TECINCO, COPCISA and VERTIX, which he joined in 2002.

His experience has helped him to understand the real estate development process from start to finish, covering technical construction aspects, to planning, and defining the final product.

He has managed the technical and urban development aspects of TRIDENT AM projects since 2015.


In the sector since 1989, he completed the first phase of his career at the OSUNA – INONSA Group.

He held various positions in this company in numerous areas such as Auditing, Finance, and Urban Planning, and in 1997 he was appointed as the Manager of the Expansion and Development area.

He joined VERTIX in 2006 and planned the constitution of TRIDENT AM as a group company to generate value in projects with third parties.

Business areas


Which real estate business areas do we work in?

Urban Planning and Management

  • Drafting and monitoring planning and management documents (Partial Plans, Reparcelling Projects, etc.)
  • Representing the client’s interests in front of the Administration, Collaborating Urban Entities, Suppliers, etc.
  • Analysis of documents being processed, and development and/or modification proposals to optimise the result

Building Control and Architecture

  • Project Management and Monitoring of building processes.
  • Support during design and when choosing material qualities and construction methods during the planning phase of the project.
  • Proposals and follow-up on the selection of project drafters and site managers, including control and auditing of projects and drafted documents.
  • Processing and support during processes to request and obtain urban development licenses and building permits

Commercial Management and Marketing

  • Asset commercialisation either in exclusive regime, as key depositary, or as a collaborator with the main marketer.
  • Control the follow-up of commercialisation contracts.
  • Designing marketing and advertising actions.
  • Carrying out market studies.


Real Estate Law

Draft and supervise the legal documents required for the real estate development, divestment or asset investment process


Provision of administrative services related to the real estate management process in its broadest sense.

Promotor’s Delegate

Complete supervision of the control process for building developments by the figure of the “Promotor’s Delegate”, covering from the design of the development to the feasibility analysis, including the supervision of the building and marketing process, and ending with the control of the real estate unit delivery process and the final settlement with the investment vehicle.